Ibuying property in Sosua in two weeks, need information

Sorry, if this is not where I am supposed to ask this type of information. I will be purchasing a Condo in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if anyone could recommend an Home owner Insurance company. Also, where is the best place in the Sosua area to get Cable/internet? If there is a better place that is already on this site to gather that information, please let me know and I will be happy to look there. Thanks for any assistance that I can get. I will have tons of questions I am sure. So excited to get there and start getting things processed for the new place.


In terms of insurance, you need a broker honey. There are many in Sosua,  I know Angie Wolf is good but I do  not have her contact info. Someone else here will have it.

Cable and internet will depend on your specific location and what is available there. Here we cannot assume which companies provide service as they do not always work that way.

We have home insurance through Angie.  She is in the Universal/EPS office in Pedro Clisante, very close to The Jolly Roger.  Seemed to be a reasonable price for the coverage.

Thank you. I have been trying to locate a number or email for her and have had no luck? Do you have a contact or email for her by chance? Thanks again...

Most of this type of business is done in-person.  Contracts need live signatures, and ID needs to be shown.  That being said, her email address is angiewolff[at]me.com.

Yes sir, that is standard and customary. However,  getting a quote is what I'm concerned with so I can be ready when I get there to sign the documents.

Thank you for your information as it was very much appreciated.

Thanks for posting her email. I will note it for future reference as well. In the Sosua area she is one of the best. I have never heard a bad word about her work or service.

I can agree with that, plus she has 2 office dogs!  Maybe one now, he was pretty old...

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