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If someone comes to Saudi on 90 day work visit visa and the company will be issuing iqama. If person want to leave before iqama do they need kafeel permission for exit or they can go book a flight and go straight to the airport? What happens if kafeel doesn't give permission...

brother...kafeel will issue visa...u cant travel to airport once iqama is done..iqama means resident permit,so your work vist visa is no longer valid

Thanks for reply. Can I leave before Iqama issued or do I need permission from employer

Before issuance of iqama...that i am not sure bro

Thanks for your reply.

Can anyone help please. If I have 90 day visa in my passport and the company is looking to issue iqama. Can I leave without final exit in my passport or not. The iqama hasn't been issued yet so any response would be appreciated urgently thanks

Dear Sara,

You cannot leave without sponsor. You have to get Exit Visa from your employer and then go to airport.

Because your visa is work visa not a visit visa.Either your iqama is issued or not it does't matter.

Thanks and hope my reply wil help you.

Thanks immu  for your response. Much appreciated.

I thought that because they haven't issued iqama I am okay to leave without their permission because it's a work visa without iqama at the moment. 90 days.

Final exit I understand I need after iqama. So what type of exit am I seeking if iqama hasn't been issued as I'm still under probationary period. Reply would be much appreciated.....

I, myself, left while Iqama was delayed due to CCHI problems.  Did not get any final exit stamped in the passport.  However, things change quickly in Saudi so what may have been possible a few years ago, may not be possible now.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that things have changed. I asked at a place today and after some further enquiries because of this new system absha I think they said no longer possible to leave without exit visa.

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