[WP Employer Change] Employer ending contract before end of WP.Help !

I'm an expat working in Brussels on Work Permit B. My employer applied for WP renewal in the month of May 2019 and it was received within 4 weeks. I also got my RP renewed at the same time. The new work permit and RP are valid till May 2020 now. The process of renewal took only 4 weeks, which is a bit strange because even though he applied for renewal after 3rd Jan 2019, the work permit was renewed for only 1 year. He told me that this was not a single permit and that is why the renewal took only 4 weeks.

Now, my end client decided to end the contract and therefore my employer has also decided to end the contract with me as well, by the end of October. I found another opportunity and the new employer initiated the work permit in the third week of August 2019. I have heard people saying that the new Single permit takes 3-5 months and this has got me worried. I checked with the work permit department and they told me that since you have valid RP till next year, your new employer will get a copy of WP within 4-5 weeks and you can start working with them after Dimona and Limosa is performed. They also told that meanwhile, the application for a single permit can be processed in parallel. This is a gray area and I get different answers from different people and no one is sure. Does anyone have any useful information and any pointers to what can be done to make sure that I don't stay unemployed for very long?
Any legal experts out there?

Your employer HR should get the confirmation from labor ministry that it is ok for you to work once the work authorization is received.

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