EP got rejected stating "due to my previous records"

I have a doubt on singapore ep. i had my two approved  EPs withdrew  before joining the job due to reasons associated with my employers. and now , third one, which i wanted to join got rejected citing the reasons as past records. what is the solution? how can i get EP approved ? can i appeal ?

Past records can’t be erased at MoM’s data. If in both the cases, employer was responsible to withdraw your EPs before your joining then it should not have any impact in this case.

Your new employer can appeal with justification that the employee has no role in past two cases. Good luck

Note: MoM too have the record in their database where employers must have given their rationale to withdraw your EP. So, none of the cases should not be pointed towards you as the reason for withdrawing.

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Hi Surya2k & beppi,
Sorry it was mistake by my side.

I would like to know what should i do since I'm under Service Obligation (Tution fee grant) and I need to work in Singapore for 3 years, but I'm not able secure EP though I find employment. Kindly advise.

If you cannot get a work pass, obviously you are unable to fulfill the bond. The relevant authority must realize and accept this.
You should then start looking for jobs in other countries.

Thanks beppi,
Have you encountered any case like where the employee is under service obligation, but had issues with EP. I have been searching the forum, i couldn't find. Any leads will help me a lot.

I have read both cases, granting them work pass nd also rejecting in few cases. Individual application will go various yardsticks, so cannot compare with other applications.

Thanks surya2k, kindly advise me whether i can   take this situation to MOE? Will that be any help from them to grant my EP??  I have requested my employer to make an appeal. But there are still waiting for their management approval. Incase, the employer didn't appeal.  Is there any way for me to brought my justifications to MOM directly.  I would like to clear those past records.  Kindly advise me on how to proceed from my side.

I also know cases where the bond was declared void after no EP was issued.
MoM will not deal with you directly, but you could ask MoE for advice.

In order to clear my past records issue, is it possible for me to deal with MOM directly? through mail or by meeting in person with the officer?

Hi , it is possible for my employer to arrange a meeting with the officer(MOM) to explain my situation. 

If possible,  I don't have any valid pass to enter Singapore now. Since I have surrender both my Student pass and Short term visit pass. Currently I'm in India. I might get Long Term Visit Pass if apply, but that will also takes time. Possible to meet the officer with Tourist Visa ?

Hi beepi & surya2k,
Sorry for posting multiple queries within a short span.
I have signed Service Obligation (Tuition Fee Grant) and under condition that I will work in singapore for 3 years.
When processing my EP application, does MOM knows that I'm under service obligation through their own database records.
I didn't submit any additional documents stating I'm under Tuition fee grant.

Thank You

MoM grant pass based on the eligibility criteria as per the yardsticks set up at their end. The bond obligation is certainly not one criteria. Your employer can appeal with this bond obligation details.

MoM doesn’t entertain and won’t accept one to one meeting. Good luck

Hi surya2k & beepi,

I have used Company X's IPA ( after applying EP) to enter Singapore. After coming here, I got another offer, i accepted and asked company X to withdrew the EP and came back to India while waiting for new employer's EP approval. Would that caused any issue with ICA for me ???

You are telling new stories each time and wasting everyone’s time.

Looking at the above message, I am very much sure that previous company must have filed complaints at MoM. So, your current employer’s appeal won’t work as MoM can see your work pass history as a job hooper.

Yes, of course that most probably caused the issue. MoM does not like job-hoppers, even more so if you use your IPA and then don’t get the associated EP issued. That is a no-go!
I am.afraid you might have to look for jobs in other countries now. You may try Singapore again in a few years.

Hi Surya2k & beppi,

I would like to share my whole story so it will be helpful to arrive to a conclusion.

There was a gap of 2 months between the date I got my EP approved(April)  and the planned joining date (June) since I had to finish my studies.  During that time, employer A’s financial position weakened and they had to shut down their several operations. Because of employer A’s situation, I wasn’t able to start my work as planned. I was personally advised to look out for another job. I never looked out for another job during that time. Understanding their situation, I started to look for another job again.

I secured another job offer from Company B after nearly one and a half months of taking interviews again and they applied and got the EP approved after company A withdrew their EP.

After planning the joining date with Employer B, I returned to Singapore using IPA provided employer B. Before I start my work with Employer B, I got an offer from another Employer C (my current employer who applied for EP that got rejected). Though I had taken interviews with both employer B and employer C at the same point of time, employer C’s offer came a bit delayed. 

On receiving this offer from employer C, I conveyed my employer B that I’m very much interested in joining the employer C. But employer B told there would be legal complications. I called MOM to seek their advice on these legal complications. Then I conveyed my employer B that considering legal complications I would like to join them as per planned and requested them to kindly ignore other issues. But employer B stated that the offer had been withdrawn and they soon will be withdrawing the EP also.

Then I accepted the offer made by employer C and left Singapore. My EP was rejected stating it is due to issues with my previous records with MOM.

If you guys finds my case reasonable, kindly provide your advice and assistance.

Thank you.

Well,, in the eyes of MoM you are a hob-hopper and wasting their time with multiple EP applications for jobs you then do not start.
It can also be seen as an extreme case of kiasu-ism, chasing the best possible job even after having signed a contract for another one. As you found out from company B, such illoyal employees are not liked and easily discarded.
I stand by my evaluation that you should look for work in another country now. Good luck!

hi everyone..
the new employer applied my epass on 07/09/19, i saw my status evening its shows pending. now today i checked it was rejected.
employer said they prepared to appeal.
when will eponline shows appeal status?
how long it take to get approved??
please reply..

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