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I am a qualified professional having 26 years experience in office work, working in Govt Sector in my country of birth e.g. Pakistan. I have planned to get retirement from my current employer at the end of the current year (at the age of 53).

I have visited Malaysia  last year and stayed there for 3 months. During my stay I  became a lover of the beautiful country (Malaysia). I talked to the beautiful and polite people of Malaysia and impressed by their good manners, and I decided to live the rest of my life in Malaysia. Definitley I would need a job to stay there.

Can somebody help me get a  job there, and stay in that beautiful part of the world. My qualification is Master plus PGD in Local Govt with 26 years experience in office work. Thanks in advance.

Sorry but to be blunt you gave no serious chance of a job, especially  getting a work permit, as you have nothing of value (skills wise) to offer Malaysia (based on what you said). Your skills seem very specific  to Pakistan. And there are certain countries Malaysian immi seem to be biased  against.....

You could use MMH2 if you want to retire and have sufficient  capital.

Another possibility  is to open a restaurant, although  that's  a hard business for someone without  experience.

Maybe  some kind of import or export business to or from Pakistan is a possibility. Again best with experience. You will need capital.

Fareed, I dont think you have any chance. If government related office work is what you want to do, there is a multi-year waiting list of locals for those jobs. I cant imagine a foreigner jumping that queue.

As Nemodot said, your best chance is to find a local private company who wants to trade with Pakistan because you could be helpful for that, especially speaking the language. Start researching the topic of trade with Pakistan and very possibly there would be jobs in the import-export area.

And yes, you can also start your own company if you can meet the capital and other requirements.

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