Continue my school in Spain

i am Trinny Kofi Ekpolegyene ,and i am 31 years old
i have been a student in Italy with Diploma of licenza conclusiva del primo ciclo di istruzione of the year 2016/2017 and  certificato delle competenze di base acquisite a conclusione del primo livello - secondo periodo didattico e connesse all assolvimento dell obbligo di istruzione of the year 2017/2018 and i want to continua my school in Spain to have new experience and to build my future strong and  i am in Ghana now but i dont want to go back in Italy again for my study so i have talked to the spain embassy and the manager has tell me to ask permit from a school i want to be admit in spain that is why i wrote to you this massage so please help me by responding me quickly,and i am ready at anytime you ask me to come..
                                  THANKS FOR READING

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