Do you think teaching children makes you act like an animal?

I'm a British English teacher in shenzhen,China,recently my fellows are complainting a lot,and say they teach young children (some are so little,like 2 or 3 years old),and students can't understand them and focus on the class,they have to dance,sing and play with kids,which seems like they act like a monkey to make fun with kid.When i heard this,i just can't think about it,it seems really make sense.So what about you?
         If you are going to teach children but don't like this,fortunately you can just stop to find teaching kids job;if you don't mind,just leave it alone and search on or

Teaching is difficult.

There are various niches in teaching, and some might not fit a person's personality.

Teaching really young children can be very difficult as they often have the attention span of a snail, and often bite.

Make the best of your situation and find an age group that is appropriate for you. Best regards.

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