Traveling in uk

Hi everyone
i'm going to travel in UK at the first month of July 2020, I would like to see London and Bibury village , it's amazing and beautiful as i know.
I'm happy to get your advice or ideas in UK
if someone who can travel or visiting family members at the same time with me, and interesting to hang out with me, please leaving your message in here or my skype **


You can travel by bus, coach, train, etc. Bilbury is very pretty. It's worth to visit Bath, and also Rye in East Sussex. So many nice towns and villages everywhere. I also like Arundel, many places in Cornwall and South Devon, and Carlisle is a nice place. Definitely worth visiting Edinburgh too.

Hey, Greetings!
I read your  comment and I feel happy because I am interested in your selective places and I contact you soon.

Thank you for everything you said to me and I am interested in what you told me... I hope to know all the procedures so that I can travel

Yeh London is beautiful city you can take time and travel there


I want to know about the experience about your London , because I'm going to London first time in upcoming march.

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