How I can Change the medical status entry in MOM?


I worked in Singapore under Work Permit for 2 years 2006 to 2008.
When I went for renewal I was noted with a symptoms of TB.
So MOM rejected my permit.

Now After one year I found I am Medically Fit with no symptoms of TB.
But my Medical status in MOM entered with 'Medically UNFIT'.

now i tried another job and selected .applied for pass rejected and say have adverse records in database so this candidate not eligible for work permit.

anybody guide for this how to handle this one.
thank you.

You have to clear the adverse record before applying, for example by submitting medical evidence that you are healed from TB.

thanks for reply

how and where to submit the medical evidanace

thank you

Submit it to MoM or ICA prior to your work pass application.
Call them to find out which department is in charge!

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