Another EP application after rejection without record

Hi all,

My EP application was submitted last Monday Sep 2 and now it has been 7 working days.
The problem here is I cannot find my record on EPonline and it still shows the last application record which status ends up as rejected! The company has confirmed with me that they already submit the application and they could have my trust.
My story is  last EP application starting from Feb and took 5 months but still being rejected. Now I find a new job and I really dont want this happen again.

So is last application results will effect the new one ( obviously the last failure is the company side problem) and is this possible that I could only see the reject status even if there is an new one pending or this is a MOM system bug?

Hope everyone can share me with your valuable experience.

Please read related threads before posting - this issue has been addressed many times. Thanks for your understanding!

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