I hope to move to Portugal next year 2020 when I will be 69 years and am an Irish citizen

I would appreciate information on non habitual residency and on any agency or reliable accountant that might be able to help me.
I have a state retirement pension and a private pension
I also have some shares which attract capital gains

Any information as to who to contact would be much appreciated


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Try using google.

Basically, the nhr is a tax incentive that applies for 10 years. The basic requirement is that the tax payer was not tax resident in Portugal for the previous 5 tax years (same as calendar years). The incentive applies to some (not all) income streams from abroad but, in respect of some income streams, it excludes income where the source is in the Portuguese black list (published)
in respect of pensions, there is no restriction as long as the pensions are from abroad and the pensions were not deducted for Portuguese tax purposes - very rarely applies in pensions from abroad
State pensions (not civil service type) are in the nature of private pensions. In terms of the Portuguese / Ireland double tax treaty (presuming the pension is Irish, though similar rules apply to UK pensions) (available on the internet), the taxing right to the pensions is given to Portugal (if resident in Portugal). Therefore the pensions will be tax free for the 10 year period. Will have to request the Irish fund provider to pay pensions gross - have normally to submit paperwork (fiscal Residency Certificates) signed off by the Portuguese tax authority.

The nhr status has to be requested on or before the 31 March of the year after taking tax residence, under the penalty of it being rejected

Thank you very much for your reply regarding tax treatment of non Portugal pensions
It was very helpful
Kind regards

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