365 days multiple visit visa (90 days)


I have a question please regarding 365 days multiple visit visa (90 days) / (open).

If 10 days left for 365 days to finish, then exit Saudi through Bahrain causeway n enter Saudi.

1) Can I enter n stay for 90 days or no coz only 10 days left?

2) Can I  extend one more time to 90 days?
or I can only stay for 9 days? or no they wont let me enter Saudi coz only 10 days left for visa issued to expire?

3) For Canadian passport, they need evisa for going to Bahrain through Causeway, or no just go to Causeway n then pay there what need to be paid to enter?

I would appreciate your response. Thanks,

Canadian passport gets visa on arrival in Bahrain.   But your Saudi visa should say OPEN in mode of travel for Saudi immigration to allow you to exit.

All your other questions have been answered literally hundreds of times on the Saudi forums - use the search function and don't repeat.

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