South African family coming to Riyadh

Good morning!

We are a family of 5 (kids aged 4, 2,5 and almost 1) looking in to moving to Riyadh in January 2020. I have been tirelessly looking through posts on schools as well as accommodation in compounds...but a lot of the posts seem to be outdated.

We are looking for a compound that will keep kids busy with both indoor and outdoor play and has a nice sense of community (I understand the older compounds have a more vibrant social life - but have not been given any names). Our budget is roughly between 80 and 160 000 SAR. Most probably a 3 bed as my boys can share, but I see most 3 beds have double beds in all rooms, except for Arizona with bunk beds!

On schooling, I am looking for schools that have a play based curriculum - ie not an American of British school. It would also be great if there is an option in a compound with possibly other Afrikaans speaking kids of similar ages - long shot I know...but who knows) I am a bit weary sending my young kiddos off on a bus to school...I hear the multinational school is closing/changing sponsorship to UK... I am a teacher myself and would also consider teaching again.

My husband will be working near the King Saud University, so his travel time also has to be taken into account.

He will be over in November to come and check out compounds and possibly schools for us - so any pointers will be great!

Last queries:
- Ease and cost of a live-in nanny/housekeeper
- Need of a driver?
- Any extra vaccinations for kids?
- Necessity of shipping over things like toys, books and bikes for kids?
- Waiting lists on compounds and schools

Thank you so much - we are really getting excited for this big adventure!

Hi esbe,

Welcome to and thank you for your nice introduction :)

For a good start, i would advise you to have a look at the Saudi Arabia guide and to go through the articles in which you are interested in.

Hopefully, other members will be able to give you some valuable information very soon.

Wish you all the best in your expatriation project,

Priscilla team

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