Domestic violence case

i Would like to inform you that one of my know sister from my place is having problems with her Husband. 
Married to person since 18 years with 4 children's,Living in Riyadh KSA,
since one week he thrown her out of the house.

since 5 years of  daily fights, she was trying to adjust the life but now it is UN able to bear her husband .
She want to go back on exit visa. But Husband is refusing to give Exit visa.He is asking to sign a paper call KULLA means she is leaving him by her own consent. so that he can skip to pay her any money. Now she is stay with her cousin brother temporary. with heavy heart without her children .

She Went to embassy also but they only have registered to case and gave a complain paper to file the case with court. But  everybody says it will  takes long time .

i am asking you all member to give some help or Guidelines in order to follow the correct way. to get her go to India with her children with respect and take her rights.
waiting for your responses.

Thank you.

Hope this article helps you out. Getting an exit visa without the husbands consent is really complicated and the process has to go through the legal channel which will delay and complicate things. The fastest route is always through the embassy but she needs to file legal complaint first in the local police station against her husband, if you dont mind me asking what is the citizenship of your sister?

Thank you

she is form india.

As mentioned, the process is not simple.

Essentially, you will be running between Embassy, Police and courts.

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