Moving to Puerto Rico - try it first

Dear expats, if you are planning to relocate to PR, will make sense to visit and stay for few months. That's how our group of friends started. And only 2 out of 5 of us decided to make PR our second home. Pictures are always great, but meet people, set your life for a couple of weeks at least to know how it feels. I love it and end up buying a penthouse there. But 2 of my friends were missing their US homes and were not so comfortable with the Spanish speaking population, although most folks we met spoke English. Try it first, stay there for a month before you move there.

It's always advisable to visit different parts of the country (any country a person wish to relocate to, not just PR) to familiar oneself with the land, then have a long stay over a couple seasons to expose oneself to different kinds of weather, in addition to the culture and customs, before making the commitment.  I always suggest 6 months as the ideal trial for potential expats in any country.  One month is a tourist stay, too short for a true day-to-day living experience.

I also advice all expats to familiar themselves with the local language before the move.  Relocate to another country without speaking the local language (to some degree)?  That's purposely making oneself the outsider.

So true and agree to long stay and learning the language. However, not everyone has the luxury to take 6 mo time to try new country (I couldn't) or sufficiently advance in Spanish (I couldn't). What I learned:  if planning to buy property, make few visits through the year - seasons and locations. Do you best to start on learning language, but it will go so much faster after moving to the country. There is always a room for errors. So renting for the first 6 - 12 mo will help.

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