Planning to come to Bahrain

Hello guys am a Cameroonian wishing to come to Bahrain by next month I wanted to ask what are the possibilities of getting employed if come with a tourist visa

Very generic question.  Depends on your industry and your experience.  But generally the economy is not doing well and locals are preferred for entry level jobs.

Thanks bro, pls can you advice me to cuz am trying to flee the conflict in my country . Your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced

As I said, you need to find a job.  Search online and try to contact recruiters.

Thanks, can you please help me with some links

Hello sir i am a Cameroonian too and i wish to travel to Bahrain for sometime now as you do but the tourist visa can not allow its holders to get a job.  I really wish you  help me too if you have more info while check that on my own side, thanks.

You need to get a job offer from an employer from Bahrain after that he will get you a sponsored visa

OK, thank you.

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