When do shops open?

I am wondering when shops open in Cairo there are no operational hours posted on line. What time are supermarkets opening? Thank you.

it depends, some dont close at all "24/hr", usually public and big ones as: metro, Carrefour, Hyper markets, Ragab sons, Kheir zaman, etc...
but others, usually close in range 23-24 pm  and open [at]7 or 8 am and when schools time come out, they open earlier may be [at]6 or 6:30 pm

The shops not 24/7 when do they open? What are weekend hours usually? I get up early!  :)

Mainly, shops open at 11 AM. But some do open 24/7 and some open as early as 7AM specially if u live in an area where there are schools.

Thank you!

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