Is 6k will be sufficient for family of 3.

My husband is getting a job offer in Singapore.
We are family of 3.My daughter is 20 months old.We are planning to start her play school too when we reach there.

Will 6k per month of salary will be sufficient for us? Please guide.

We had a recent discussion on similar subject: $6k will be very tough to survive unless you also work. Below link will give an idea:

Thanks for the advice.But we are looking forward for this as we have limited growth in our career here...but enjoy a good life here.
I work here in India, and I will possibly look for part time jobs there as my daughter is small and there will be no one to look after her if I also work full time,later may be go for a full time job.
If we rent a one bedroom flat , and transportation only by MRT or buses,eating mostly at home. What are the chances ?
Also, how difficult it is to get a part time job in Singapore?
Thanks again!

Part time jobs are not allowed to foreigners. You must have to take full time job and that can be only possible when your LoC is approved.

All your questions are responded multiple times. Start spending time to go through older threads. Good luck

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