S pass appeal

I am Indonesian who studied bachelor’s degree in Singapore and have worked in Indonesia for 8 months.

During my first S-pass application, my employer submitted the S-pass with salary of $2300 and stating that I have no work experience since my employer deemed my experience in Indonesia to be irrelevant. In 5 days my S-pass application was rejected and MOM declined to disclose any information to my employer.

So we assumed the rejection is due to my zero work experience, and my employer decided to put 8 months of work experience for my second S-pass application. In 10 days, the MOM rejected again my S-pass application.

So I am not sure if it’s my fault or my employer’s fault. My employer is currently trying to appeal but mostly likely will end in rejection as we are unable to provide new docs and new info to support my case.

Can anyone please help me on this matter? Does anyone know which good employment agency I can appoint to for this issue?

With a university degree and some work experience, you are grossly underpaid at just S$2300/month and this is the most likely reason for the rejection.
The minimum pay (which is aligned with normal market rates) for a fresh graduate is S$3600/month at the moment.
Agencies cannot help with immigration matters in Singapore - they often make things more difficult and they take fees for that.

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