Capetonians investigating a move to Mauritius

Hi there

Would love some input from fellow South Africans about relocating to Mauritius.

We have 2 children aged 4 and 7. As much as we love Cape Town our decision to move would be as a result of the high crime rate at present.

How were you able to decide which part of Mauritius to live in? We have heard that Tamarin is a popular choice for South Africans. Is the schooling very expensive on the island?

Does anyone have some input about residency through the property development  scheme?

We have done some reading but would appreciate input from south africans who have relocated and what your experience has been.

Thanking you kindly

Hi Claire,

Welcome to Expat.Com  :)

Indeed lots of South African in Tamarin, but the North is also very popular amongst expats.

Have you had a look at the Living in Mauritius guide yet ? You will find several articles on the different aspects of expatriation.

Also, please go through the website to know about requirements for residency through property investment schemes.

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Hi Claire. Pop me a message and I'll reply with my whatsapp number. We can have a chat about your question. Cheers

Hi Claire,
You can contact me directly if you need any advice regarding permits or residency on the island. We are here to try and assist follow expats to make the transitions as easy as possible.

Hi Claire

I am from Cape Town and we moved here in August and have bought in a PDS in Tamarin.  I have a 9-year old and a 15-year old.  Happy to chat further
Regards Viv

I am not a Saffer. Our stock is  Kenya British. Our crime rate is high in Kenya but a fraction of the appalling rate in SA. I have just visited MU after long research into it as a possible move for our family with a 4 and 2 year old. I extensively visited property developments, schools and residential areas and I did not avoid Mauritian locales and the ordinary people.

*I saw excellent schools running at  between US$3k to US$6K per term. MIddlesex University MU was spanking new and an astonishing U$5k per annum for a Bsc degree!

* The North of the island around Grand Baie is where all the swank is. but the schools are few and need getting to..Northfields is excellent.

* From Flic en Flac onwards down South West, including Tamrin and Black river was fine and where as a white African, I would want to be.  Nice smaller feeling, excellent schools very nearby and more of them  building, lots of  African exiles and tons of outdoor stuff to do....

" As for crime, they don't even have a form for handgun applications in MU, so utterly rare they are even the police are unarmed. However you can sports shoot with rifles and shotguns if you join a club. That says a lot. Violent crime is very rare compared to anywhere I know in Africa.

*  You won't get Cape Town in MU, a wonderful city I an always keen to see. But you won't get murdered, abused or discriminated against. Just have $500K to invest in a property for rent orliving and you will get permanent tax residency for yourself and family for long..perpetual for yourself and wife(husband)..up to age 24 for children. MU is a small place, but if you are outdoor minded and active minded, you'll be here for years and not see it all or do everything there is to do.

*Yes, we are thinking of moving...........

Correction to my post above...schools would be from $1.5K to S3K per term per student, there is even boarding if required.

Hi Claire,
Black River is where most of the South Africans stay and you can find a good size house for a relatively good price.

Hi Claire,

I am from Paarl and currently in Mauritius. I am going back to Paarl on the 18 February and are moving permanently the 1 May 2020. I am working in the South African Property market in Mauritius and can assist you with all of that info. I had my own estate agency in Paarl but my dream was to live in Mauritius. You can google Meglio Properties and will get my information there. Pop me a WhatsApp and I will contact you next week for a coffee to assist you with a lot of information and process that I am currently have to do to be able to move to Mauritius. Melanie Van Der Westhuizen

Hello Claire

Good day  Welcome to Mauritius

I'm also from Cape Town, ***

Kind regards


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Hi Melanie

I'd like to have a chat. pls pop me a PM with your details. Thanks

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