Applying for Residing Visa for my wife and child.

Hi all,

I want to apply for resident visas for my wife and my 3 months old child.  Can I apply the resident visa myself or should I have go through the company?, because many say that the resident visa can be only applied through the company.

Please give your thoughts.


Have answered these questions dozens of times.

Yes, your company has to apply on your behalf.  And no, you can't do it yourself without their support.

Here is the process flow:

Thank you very much for your reply and link.  That really helped. 

I've got  one more question.  Say If my present employer has applied for my wife and my child's visa, and say after 4 or 5 months or at any point of time during my employment I change to another company.  If I do so, will that affect the my wife's or my child's residency permit? Do I have to send them back to my home country and bring them back through my new employer?


No.  Once they are here, they don't need to leave for the visa change.  It can be done while they are in the country.

Thanks a lot

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