Reading habits in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Books can be your greatest companions whether you have already settled in Thailand or are now planning your move. Are you an avid or occasional reader? We would like to know more about your reading habits.

What type of reading do you enjoy? Do you read novels, comics, magazines, newspapers, etc.?

Where do you purchase or borrow books in Thailand (bookstores, online, library subscription, etc.)? Do you prefer digital reading?

Do you have an average budget devoted to reading in Thailand? Do you buy books or pay a library membership fee?  Do you spend more or less than in your country of origin?

In what languages can you find the books that you usually read?

What books or magazines would generally be found on your bedside table?

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Novels, either in English or in French... well, I do not look the TV very often!  And, when in need, as I live in Bangkok, I am paying a visit to the Dasa Book Cafe...
No budget, it is "when I feel it, as I feel it"!

I have been reading a lot my whole life at least a hundred books a year  and I have been reading much more since I retired .I started reading when I was 9 years old due to no tv no good radio reception and hardly any movies
Either played outside or read newspapers and books at my parents insistence
My mother was a teacher and taught English at an Afrikaans school in South Africa though we were Afrikaans speaking at home
I can read English, Afrikaans and Dutch as well as a little German and Zulu
I had hundreds of books in SA and used to swop books at  the secondhand bookstores but had many coffee table books etc.
I bought a Kindle in 2010 and started reading books on it
Used to buy about two or three a month on Amazon
Then I moved to Thailand and where I live there are no bookshops selling English book and I have found some at a language school close to me which I swop every once in a while.
When I go to sa I always return with several books as I have 45 Kg allowance and I do not use it
The sad part is nobody reads them when I am finished with them as the Thais do not read let alone English
I now unfortunately now  have to read on my Kindle fulltime
I buy books and Kindle has many thousands of books for free
In the nearly six years here I have read 1157 books on my Kindle and it seems I need to buy a new one as this one battery is going for a loop
I also receive my daily Newspapers from home and the UK as well as the Bangkok Post etc

A tip for keen book readers living in Bangkok.  A great place to buy second hand books is a shop called Dasada that is a short walking distance from Emporium Shopping Center heading towards Thonglor.  Its loacated on the same side of Sukhumvit as Emporium.  They have a big selection at great prices with very helpful staff.

When i first move here back in 2011 i read some books.

On my first trip to Khaosan Road, I found a book shop with second hand books, That when i return with books, The shop give some money for them IF buy others books.
That shop have book in many languages, And i think i found around 20-30 in Danish.
And i all so pick books in English.

A bit later i found incredibly big second hands book shop in China Town.
And he was able to get any book i ask for, A few days to a week later he call to say, Book here..

Around 3-4 years ago a Danish friend back home give me around 10-13 sound books, And i enjoy listen to them when relaxing around the house.


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