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Recently my girlfriend was offered a job working with the UN in Rome. She left a couple of days ago to pursue this long term dream, We have been together for about 3 years and are considered domestic partners here in the U.S. as we own a house together, live together, and share bank accounts together. I have done quite a bit of research and unfortunately I am not eligibility to be attached to her work visa as we are unmarried and Italy does not recognize domestic partners to my understanding. While I am currently looking and applying for jobs in the Roma area that will support a work permit. Jobs are very limited within the truck repair / maintenance industry making progress very slow.

I have reached out to the local Italian consulate in Denver, Colorado as well as Chicago, Illinois where I am repeatedly told to look at the Italian / EU immigration website, where no information is available with these set of circumstances.

Has anyone ever ran into this complication or have any advise / options available.

Hi Patrick Kohlmann,

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If Italy does not recognize domestic partners, then i think, you should look for a job or married her.

For job search, you can read theses articles in the Italy expat guide:

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You can also create your CV in the jobs in Rome section.

I wish you good luck in your search,

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately marriage is a little ways away for us. I agree getting a job that would support a work visa would be the best option, however within my industry and area of expertise, it seams there is not much demand for my skill set. I will continue looking and working hard to find a solution and again thank you for your time.

If you hear of any automotive / diesel repair facilities looking for a reliable, responsible, and hard working expat, Please let me know!

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