Indian Looking information about South Sudan

Hi Guys,

my name is Madhu from India , i would like to move south sudan as i'm getting an a Job offer there in automotive industry.

i would like to know the about JUBA life style and security if i want to move with family.

is it safe to work and live...

will appreciate the genuine response on the same.

Madhu Madaka

Juba is now safe and a better place to live in not like before.
You're welcome to stay in juba with your family just like other foreigners who here too for the purpose of business .it is our honor to welcome you and start your business here in juba and if you're in need to expand it to the Rural urban states,is your wish .we have peace now.

Hi Madhu,

I am from Mumbai, soon travelling to Juba.can u please guide me about Juba..Is this city good in terms of living?..can we take our family along with us ?

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