Which pass to apply and chances of Approval


I work in India in a data science/consulting organisation and we have a new engagement from a Singapore organisation, due to which I would have to work as an on-site for 6 months. My employer is trying to apply for an EP pass. We already have an entity in Singapore but no business activity since one year. If my employer applies for an ep pass what are my chances of my approval

I checked the SAT tool and it says eligible for EP pass.

My profile:
Designation : Data scientist
Exp: 4 years
Salary: 7000 SGD ( to be offered in Singapore for EP pass)
Degree: Bachelors degree

Since you personally are eligible for an EP, the question here is whether the (inactive) Singapore subsidiary of your company can hire you. This is doubtful if they have no business activity (thus cannot pay your salary), have no other employees and never hired a foreigner before. But things can probably be arranged in a way that satisfies MoM - your company should engage a consultant like Rikvin or Guidemesingapore, who have the experience and knowledge in these matters.

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