How long does it take after biometrics taken?

Hi guys,
My company in Copenhagen applied for work visa under pay-limit scheme. It was applied on 23rd July through online application. The company representative was told on 26th August by SIRI (over the phone) that they want to have biometrics of the me taken, which I already submitted on 28th August 2019. I did ask the embassy executive as to how much time its gonna take as I have to join by 16th September for which he had no clear reply. He said somewhere between 2-3 or even 4 weeks.
I would like to know if someone has any idea as to how long it normally takes?

Thanks :)

I should not say it would take too long getting these features. Maybe you should call them and ask what is happening or anything was wrong with your application. Read more about this biometric information on newtodenmark.  Before this new feature it just took a couple of days.

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