Aerial View of Bellazo/Turquoise View

A very nice aerial picture of the Bellazo/Turquoise View Community that shows the wonderful intersection between luxury/sustainable villas and the majestic jungle of the Blue Zone


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It is a beautiful area. Just gorgeous. You can also go on google and search bellazo Kalia Costa Rica and see pictures streetview of the current turquoise view project. Also Pinterest Costa Rica Pura Vida. 😊

No one is saying otherwise.

Apologies, something wrong going with the link, already escalated to support.

When you say sustainable do you mean that the houses are actually being finished now? Or are they still in construction? These different communities have been around since 2008, right? Has there been any home besides a model that has been completed?

Hello DallasMags, I meant sustainable from an environmental perspective.

We have much more luxury villas finished and more to come of course. Recently we sent our monthly homeowner newsletter with a detailed update of progress of our construction schedule.

DallasMags, he’s talking about the grass roofs that are actually fake turf (you won’t see that in the advertisement but you can in my pictures on Pinterest “Costa Rica Pura Vida”. Also pictures of all the concrete piles and trash in the jungle from construction. Alejandro is a Kalia/bellazo exec.  They have many “homeowner newsletters” over the years filled with false advertising to “would be homeowners”. They have finished some homes since 2008 because they e started several of their communities and then they move to a new plot of land. See black beauty, ruby sky, diamond cove, bellazo and now turquoise view. They sell MANY MANY lots and then a few homes which usually end up being owned by “Kalia people”, investors and friends. We are still waiting on them to finish our paid for house since August of 2018. They won’t and I have yet to actually meet someone who is a happy homeowner, but we will see. Did you see the review on google that said they have a beautiful beachfront home?😂😂😂😂 they don’t have any beachfront homes. Pray anyone getting sucked in actually goes there and checks them out.

I have failed to find in the pinterest images, what you are referring too. Any other clues...

They are not under Kalia/bellazo (their advertising) they are under my Pinterest as they are my unedited photos. “Costa Rica Pura Vida”.

Can’t find anything.

The only thing I can think of is when your in CR you have limited access to USA internet. I am going to try and post a link for you. There are also current pictures of turquoise view on the bellazo Costa Rica google reference. Where the reviews are, but my Pinterest is pretty extensive.

I retried to find more info, without success. At this time, I'm not in CR, and I did see that you have a  'private account ' on pinterest.

I will open it up for you. I also put the Ariel on the Kalia bellazo google. I hope you can see the pics eventually. I will also let you know when the website is up so you can see our home. Even if it’s not done. At least you’ll see what their million dollar home in the jungle looks like ❤️

Alejandro, since this development began in 2008, can you tell us definitively (or even approximately) how many COMPLETED homes there are, with owners occupying the property? To be clear, this excludes the models, the Homes of principals, investors or employees of Kalia. Just regular homeowners who purchased a home with you. How many have occupancy since 2008?

I put the satellite pic of turquoise view on google Kalia bellazo. 😞take a look at the deforestation.

Getting ready to post all of my Kalia bellazo videos to Vimeo. This is not a horrible place, just grossly exaggerated. The video of our home is embarrassing to show all of the problems and errors but at least anyone considering has full information on what they’re facing.

You will not get an answer dallasmags, it would be too self incriminating. One of the things I’ve found through the literally sixty something contacts regarding them is how they can’t get any answers just “come for a discovery” tour. Major red flag if you can’t be transparent. Another week started and they still won’t communicate with us. XXX(the one who went on here saying she is committed to client satisfaction) sent me an email four days after I inquired why no response only to say she was waiting on us so I immediately responded “waiting for what?” And again dark. Not ONE person associated with them has followed through on anything!  We got weeks of lies from the construction guy xxx mentioned “xxx”and never any follow through.  The purchaser said it takes months to get a tub and that was in February. It’s sept. Still not installed.  I could go on but the point is, you can ask questions but you won’t get answers. Not even acknowledged.

Considering that I asked the specific (but very easy to answer) question 5 days ago, I don’t expect an answer from them at this point.

Justagirl8870, do you an actual link yet, as I still can't find anything that seems to be pertinent to your situation?
Maybe PM me, if you can't post the link or try to 'hide' it behind an external link


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I was very disappointed to see that some responses have been deleted regarding this 'development.'

I, for one, will PM justagirl8870 , to look at the photos showing the conditions of this house.

kohlerias :

I was very disappointed to see that some responses have been deleted regarding this 'development.

They have to be because, if they are left, the forum can find itself in legal trouble. Happened before so the owners are keen to stop it happening again.

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This isn't a freedom of speech thing, go to the US if you want US laws, this is a protecting the forum against legal action thing.
The forum has absolutely no idea if the builder is a con artist or if you're full of sour grapes because you made a mistake that cost you, and it hardly matters either way.

The only thing that matters is the builders can attack the forum for what you say if posts are left on, so they get removed. The same will apply to the builders if they make claims about you.

I totally understand their reasoning, but was just stating that I was 'disappointed.'

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Reason : comment removed - defamation

The reason why people get "taken" is because of just this.  You can see the same info on *** in the US.  Fred, I actually sent you an email with my name, email and phone number offering to back up everything I am saying.  I am sorry that you are threatened by them, but if they were not "hiding" something they wouldn't care because like I tell my kids, "don't get defensive about a lie, it makes you look guilty".

I appreciate this post and understand your moderation- do what it takes to keep it available for all of us.  Thank you!

Justagirl8870 :

Fred, I actually sent you an email with my name, email and phone number offering to back up everything I am saying.

You assume I care about your argument with them - I do not

Justagirl8870 :

I am sorry that you are threatened by them,

Not even slightly but I don't want to see this forum damaged by an external argument.
The owners have put their all into this and lots of us have worked to keep it running so I find, given posters know legal action against the forum is possible, they're so selfish as to carry on.

Justagirl8870 :

You can see the same info on pi*** in the US.

Where US freedom if speech laws apply. They do not apply here.

Fred. I never assumed you cared, I simply offered documentation. I know you don’t care, that’s obvious. It’s business. I bring traffic, you make money, end of relationship. Have a wonderful day😊

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