how the ban be lifted and have a work in singapore


I would like to ask, last 2010 i was prohibited in entering singapore. The immigration got my fingerprint and take my pictures. Fast forward 2018 and 2019 i went to singapore as tourist. I got detained in immigration for a few minutes then afterward allow me to enter to singapore and enjoy my vacation. Now i am planning to apply for a job in singapore but got scared because i know i have a bad records in the immigration. What should i do?

Thank you for your anwers.

If they allowed you to enter then they too allow you to work here. So, I don’t see an issue if you come with IPA.

As you didn’t tell us what was the reason they deported you and how serious was the case, it’s hard to say. If you have doubt then write a mail to ICA for their response on any of your doubts. Good luck

As i remember last 2010 i try to apply a work in singapore but i got rejected in MOM due to lack of work experience maybe and my 30days  expire already so i have to make an exit in malaysia. But when i came back to singapore that's the time i got detained in immigration, take my pictures, take fingerprints and stamp my passport with "A" which i don't know what its means.

Should i clear my records first in ICA before applying again for work? if my records will be clear in ICA, would they be detain me again in airport immigration?  Where do i send my appeal in ICA?

Thank you again for your answers :)

I have already responded your last two questions. If ICA confirms that there is no adverse record in their data, then I don’t see there will be an issue.

You can apply your job and same time wait for ICA response. Good luck

Note: Your previous case was visa run, avoid in future or else you will be banned for longer period. Avoid unnecessary travel to Singapore otherwise you have a strong reason to visit. Once you got ICA, then you should travel with all the necessary documents.

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