Staying without doing job

If someone came to bahrain for driver job visa and he failed to get driving license and is still trying. How long he can stay in the country without doing the job in the visa??

Look my dear friend if you came Bahrain for driving job and u not get the driving licence yet .but u can live in Bahrain if your sponsor support u or give you any other job to perfom and when ur sponsor told you not then u will go back or change your visa with his permission orher wise if you have valid visa you can stay here in Bahrain.

Ok thanks. I was asking for my brother. My brother had appeared for driving test recently but he failed in the reverse parking. I want to know how long it will take usually and how much will it cost to reapper the test. And also does he have to do the full test or only the reverse?? He is too desperate as he was a good driver here.

Ok this is a good news for ur brother if he pass inside or outside in the test and he fail in reverse only then he will give try only for reverse not to give full test again now u can do again test date I think its 10bd only and they give you the test date after 2 days only and when he go for test they only take test for reverse only tell him be confident and I know he  pass the test very easily reverse the car very slowly slowly and make sure the car park in the proper paking line .if he park the car in first time then he is pass on the spot or if he loss in first attempt then they give him one or two more chance to park the car so tell him don't worry u will do this time
I hope you r brother will pass this test
Good luck

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