Query on Dependent Visa - Urgently need help

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My wife has been working in Denmark since Apr 2018 and has recently switched jobs. Her resident card has been extended for three years now.
I have a dependent visa and has just relocated to Denmark. Now in the new job, the employer is facing business losses and planning to reduce some number of employees. It is expected that the employer might terminate the contract by giving my wife a month's notice.
What are our rights after this?
1. Can my wife put up this case in any labour court or authority as there is a no performance issue and we have really invested a lot for working and living in Denmark (Basis my wife's continuous employment, I left my work in India and relocated so that we can work and stay together).
2. Of course, if her contract is terminated, she will look for other jobs, but I understand there is only a 6 month timeline that will permit us to stay in denmark post termination of her employment contract.
3. I will be starting my job search now, and will see if I can get some work within these 6 months. Till the time I land up with an offer, I plan to start a food based business. Will that qualify the continuity of our residence permits?

Thanks for reading and looking for advice.

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I sincerely hope that the cuts won't include your wife, and should it happen, I do hope that it will be possible for your wife to find another job within  6 months.
https://nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/SituationCh … b%20search
She has already proved that she has been able to find another job while here, so this might give you some realistic hope for landing another job.

However, I understand fully your concerns, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do in such a situation. A sikkerhedsrepræsentant (safety representative) and a tillidsmand (union representative) are the only ones who enjoy special protection against termination.

I cannot see that a food based business will do in this case, and if you find an employee job, it has to meet the income requirements.

You probably already know all the conditions, but if not, read about them on https://nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/You-want-to-apply/Work
And do remember that you are always welcome to contact SIRI.

I hope for a happy ending for your both.


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