2 Indian Independent Expats |Married in India |How to Stay in Belgium


My would be wife is working in Belgium and our wedding is planned in December 2019. I also have got a job in Belgium and my Single Permit will come in January 2020.

My query is:
Since both of us work in Belgium as independent workers from January 2020, how can we live together and show that we are married ?

1. Should we get married in Belgium again ?

What is the right way to do things here.


After your wedding, once you move here, bring an apostilled marriage certrificate, go to the local commune and present your case, they will guide you further on registering as a household and one of you being the head of household and the other as dependent.

Thanks a lot Aneesh! :)

You needed confirmation it seemed :) saw your post in FB too !

Yes - Was looking for as many ideas as possible. :)


I had the same case a year ago. Mostly it depends on the commune. In my case, we just told that we were married and showed them marriage certificate. They registered us in 2 minutes.

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