Is it possible to submit Family Reunification without UDI?


I am currently here in Norway with a tourist visa, me and my boyfriend decided to get married in Netherlands he is a Dutch National and it's easier there for us. But after the wedding we want to move here in Norway since he is A Norway Citizen for he is living here in Norway for 10yrs already. And we want to submit the Family Reunification immediately after the wedding and we want to send it without using the UDi, is it possible?

And I heard that if we apply for Family Reunification here there is a possibility that I don't need to go home if my tourist visa will expire, the requirements is just the proof that I have a college degree. HAve anyone experience this matter? If so, please enlighten me.

Thank you.

I'm pretty sure that you've got to go through UDI regardless of what nationality your future spouse is. Also, going through UDI doesn't automatically mean you have to not be present in the country.  What is your nationality? You can get customized information for your nationality on the UDI website to help guide your planning.

Family unification process generally go to the Police and complicated cases will be sent to UDI for assessment.   Application is sent online and then distributed to Police first.  Then Police forwards complicated cases to UDI.  You cannot really "avoid" UDI if your case is a complicated case.

I don't know if what is their definition of "complicated".  It is just a message sent to me from the police to acknowledge their receipt of my application.  The message said if it is considered a complicated case, processing time will be extended because UDI needs to investigate.

GENERALLY (but you need to check with UDI), if you submit your family unification application, you can stay in Norway to wait for the results.  Of course, you will not be allowed to work etc until results is out.

My 90 days tourist visa will end on Sept 23 and were hoping to send Family Reunification on the same date due to the availability of the Police schedule (and because our wedding is scheduled on Sept16) can I still stay in Norway?

Many Thanks.

jandav24 :

My 90 days tourist visa will end on Sept 23 and were hoping to send Family Reunification on the same date due to the availability of the Police schedule (and because our wedding is scheduled on Sept16) can I still stay in Norway?

Many Thanks.

It is better for you to call UDI and confirm that.  Based on what I learnt, you can stay...but who knows if the rules have changed.

Thank you so much.

I am not sure about not doing it through UDI, as far as I know you have to. If you have a family visa being processed, then you can stay after tourist visa expires, as long as you apply while tourist visa is still valid.

Based on my experience and on several applicants ai have helped:

1. Most process goes through UDI as they are responsible for immigration matters in Norway, they are not an agency or fixer that you can choose to use or not.

Of course there are certain applications that doesn't need to be handled by UDI all the time, an example is: permanent residence permit which can be handled by the politi if it is not a complicated one.

2. Regarding staying even if the tourist visa expires. This is possible if you have an ongoing application, meaning you have submitted your documents at the politi during the schedule you booked through udi self service portal while your tourist visa is still valid.

3. Schedules. This has been a problem for many, some takes risk, launch their application at the udi portal and check everyday for sudden availability of schedule. This happens because some cancels their appointments the day before.

4. If ever you call UDi or politi to ask if you are allowed to stay while waiting for your appointment, it is wise to ask them to give you a letter or concrete proof that they are allowing you to stay.

Hi, I would like to ask if anyone here applied for family immigration? I am a Filipina, got married in Norway while on a tourist visa last September, though I tried to call the UDI if it's possible for me to submit my application there but I am not qualified:-( , coz you must be a college degree, so I went back home in the Philippines and planning to submit here, it states there that all the copies must be stamped by a public notary when submitted abroad, anyone know how much it cost for a stamped every copies? Anyone who can help me and give some tips?about requirements? and fees when submitted at vfs Cebu?

What I understand in UDI is that:
If you are going to submit all the papers “they must be stamped” —- all papers should have “apostille stamp”
— your husband’s papers must have apostille stamp from his kommune or the county governor where he lives
—your papers must have apostille stamp from our DFA authorities
—if you married abroad like in norway, you have to report your marriage at Philippine embassy in Norway (Oslo) and have it apostilled there, but if you’re married in the Philippines, it should be registered to PSA and request a PSA copy and have it apostilled as well at DFA..
— if you have just visited Norway, please do not apply online rightaway, make sure you have waited 90 days after your last visit or the vfs will not accept your papers and your application online as well as your payment there will be gone...

Hope it helps...I wish you all the best..

Hi! Did you happen to report your marriage in oslo or Philippines? How did you process it if in Oslo? And in Philippines?

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