IPA still not issued, entering on tourist visa?

Hi everyone,

I am in the following situation: I will be arriving to Singapore on 2nd of September, but I don't think I will have the IPA letter by then (I will be doing my Master's thesis at NTU).

With my Romanian passport,  I do not need a visa as a tourist, so my question is: Do I enter Singapore as a tourist and say that my IPA is pending (and until it comes, I just want to get used to Singapore, settle down with everything) and show confirmation/emails that I have with NTU? Or should I not say anything about IPA and just pretend to be a tourist, but then what should I tell when they ask about a return ticket? What documents should I present at the border to increase my chances: bank statement, housing contract etc.?

With a EU passport, can you actually be denied entry as a tourist if you do not have a return ticket?

Thank you so much! Sorry for so many questions, I'm just pretty scared to be denied entry to Singapore...

Have a good day!

Since they can see all your history and other visa applications on the screen, it is always better to be honest.
In principle, anyone can be denied entry at the border - regardless of whether you have a visa, return ticket, accommodation booking or not. But if you look and behave reasonably and answer the questions convincingly, this is very rare.

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