apply card F in anderlecht brussel

hi every body.  iam belge citizen and my three chldren also belge citizen since  5 month. before thrèe month i demand in town hall  F card for my wife .they just take my one child birth certificate for apply F card. they said her minor child belge thats y no nèd other document. after one month police verify adresss and ploice give me green paper  for commune appointment. today i go commune on  appointment person at window check file and then told me your wife card A expired on 15 october you come one week before expiry date and apply for orange card then 27 november you take F card. anyboday have experience about this procedure or know about this thèn please explane me.because my one or tow friends after belge citizens demand F card for wife comune give th five months waiting period after they go commune and take F card. thanks


Whatever the country, no state official appreciates people who make repetitive/different records for one person. You are the only person responsible for this administrative block. You say that you are Belgian as well as your children. Then you ask for two different residence permits for your wife ...

They will regularize the situation by giving a temporary authorization and then after six months, your wife will have the card F. Whereas if you had been logical, she would have her card F immediately without difficulty.

thanks phipiemar for reply. no accuutly i dont apply to diffirent card same time.she came here june 2017 and that i  amd mine xhildren not was belge. that why she obtain temporary card A. AFTER GET BELGE Natainailty i go commune first time for demand F  card then person on window show my file on computer he said she just need on birth certificate of minor child. and you wait 3 month. today i go commune with oppoinment which one police inspector give then  person working on window  see file yold us your wife A card is expired 15 October uou come few days before expiry.and take orange card then after one month 27 november will take F card. this is all situations. i confuse.please explane me clearly. thanks a lot friend

As I said early, they will fix the situation by giving first an orange card (temporary one) for 6 months. Then she will receive a F-card.

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