EP and SP get rejected

Hi All,

My S Pass has been rejected few days ago.
My employer applied both E pass and S pass for me but both also rejected.

1. I have a university degree
2. 1.5 years working experience in Malaysia and 1 year experience in Singapore
3. Previous E pass application for first job in Singapore has no issue.

1. Is it due to the reason that I didn’t stay enough 2 years in my previous job?
2. Should my employer go for an appeal?

Thank you!

It is difficult, from the limited information you gave, to deduce what could have caused your rejection.
I recommend you read some of the many discussions on this forum about work passes and appreoval criteria. Your employer can also contact MoM to possibly find out more.
Whether your employer should appeal depend on if you still want to join them and if they or you can address (change) the rejection reason.

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