Moving to Colombia

Hey there! I am from EU and don't speak spanish, my English is also not so good. Can anyone help me how much i will need to earn for normal life in Cali or some other small city?

Cali is not a small city. It can be comparatively expensive depending on where in it you live. But there are areas that are comparatively inexpensive: “popular areas”.

Living outside the cities in the pueblos is less expensive. But there one has less access to city culture. Buga is 1 hour from Cali and is cheaper than Cali. Pleasant, livable. (For example).

Roughly, it would not be impossible to live on US$600 a month if one had to in the pueblos. Figuring $200-300 for rental of a small house or apartment. You could share housing in Cali for that — or less — as well.

Everything depends on what your needs and wants are. Also, I am unsure if you require a health insurance plan. That brings up the cost.

In Cali, if I lived there now, I would want about US$2,000.00

I once lived at a hotel in the center of Cali and paid $500.00 for a 2-room furnished apartment. That was years ago now. If such were still available — that hotel closed — I can’t imagine it would rent a similar ‘suite’ for less that $900.00 But I have not checked and don’t know. There are ‘apartastudios’ advertised in Cali on short term rental to tourists I see all the time.

But if I had to I am sure I could get by on $1,000.00 living in modest circumstances in Cali. I would likely not live in Cali on that amount and would move to a surrounding small city or pueblo. 

I know youngish students now — Colombians — who live on quite a bit less in Cali.

Your question is vague because you are not defining your basic needs.

Well i will stay without visa which means up to 3 months or 90 days. I belive will not need to pay insurance. Cali was just example i am going there for party beach making friends. My budget is up to $2000 per month but don't want to pay $500 for renting. I was searching for offers someone to share appartment with me for those months.

You’ll have a visa, but a three month one.

Getting medical insurance tor those three months is not impossible. But you may not want or need it.

I am sure you could find temporary housing through AirBNB or similar.

If you find the right people everything will fall into place.

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