Salary not paid - wanting to reduce notice period


My agency did not pay 1 month salary to me. Now, I am still working under the same agency but different client, so I signed a new contract.

Now, in my new contract if I want to terminate the contract, I should serve 2 months notice period. It is not stated that I can pay the salary to reduce the notice period. I want to bargain with them and use that unpaid salary to reduce my notice period.

However, in case they do not agree, what can I do from my side? Since they also breach the contract by not paying the salary.

Thank you.

Any agency or employer in Singapore, they are bound to release the payment of an employee’s current month salary on or before the 7th Day of next month. If they failed to do so, they can be prosecuted and cancel their MoM license to run their office in Singapore. So, you can send this link to the agency if they are not aware. … ing-salary

Thank you for the reply.
I also find this link, saying that the employee has the right to resign by serving notice or compensating the employer with salary in lieu.

Then I guess the employer cannot refuse if the employee choose to pay the salary in lieu?

You should read what has your offer letter defined. You will be held responsible if you don’t follow what was agreed between two parties (employer and employee) at the time of signing the contract.

MoM won’t help much in this regard.

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