How to manage daily drinking water

Hello All,

I know people can drink tap water in SG but I would want to know any other options like hot/cold dispenser but again I need contact of any water can supplies in Bishan area. Any help is highly appreciated. thanks

You can buy water purifiers which is available with options (hot water, cold water and normal water). It will be connected through a water pipe. Thanks

I believe a simple Google search could show various drinking water suppliers (bottled or otherwise) and also filter and purifier companies.
But why would anyone go to such extent when in a place with excellent water from the tap for almost free?!?

Thanks for the replies, yes I did search for few water can suppliers but they are over pricey. I am new to the place and with my kid and would want to know on moderately priced water can suppliers as I am used to hot/cold dispenser and heavily reply on hot water for general consumption

I’ve never seen water sold in cans.

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