EP rejected as the job was not posted on the SG job bank


I have an offer from American company based in Singapore. This company is a product based company. And I have been hired as a Client service Manager/9000sgd-per month. I have finished the joining formalities and my joining is in October. My employer applied for my EP on 14/08/2019 which got rejected on 21/08. Reason listed was job was not posted on SG job bank as per the consultant hired by the employer. The company HR advised that they will re submit my application after 16 days of posting the job on job bank. I want to know what are my chances of approval this time and how many times can one apply for an EP?how long does it take to get the approval?
I have a total experience of 12 years in the same industry and a BTech.

Employer has to establish that any point of time, locales were given preferences and their job requirements didn’t match with locals who were interviewed. Secondly, your skills set matched with the requirements and selection process was a fair assessment.

An employer can apply one time work pass for an employee for same job position but can appeal multiple times with valid rationale.

The time frame must be faster as the data verification was already done at MoM in your first application. Good luck

Thanks surya.

The HR has reposted the job on Sg bank now and will run it for about a month. They will be submitting a new application instead of re-appealing the old rejected EP application.

Is it better to apply a new application or appeal is a better way through.

What are my chances here.also can the company decline my employment/offer letter basis to EP rejection? I have verbally communicated to my current employer of my resignation.should I wait till EP is approved?

It’s always better to wait for your new EP approval before you inform to your present employer (verbally and formally).

As I said above that the new employer has to justify to hire a foreigner but as you are currently working here, so chances are there you should get your EP application successful. Good luck

Thanks for replying

I am in India working for a different MNC.May be I dint write my query well. I wanted to ask : is it better to appeal the last application or submit a new EPapplication

Yes, your message confused me so as your present location appears in profile which shows as “Jurong East New Town”.

In both cases appeal or new application, your employer has to justify and provide valid rationale to MoM and convince them to hire a foreigner. Good luck

Thanks Surya.

I just hope to get through this time. I will keep you posted on the progress

Hello Surya,

The consultant will now apply for my EP on Sept 11. They have posted the job on job bank with a defined salary range which fits my offer letter. The consultant also mentioned that HR is new and she did not post the job as per the defined norms. I requested them to expedite the application along with the justification as to why they want to hire me. I spoke to the hiring manager as well , he assured me that he will put up a case for me and ensure they get the EP approved.

I also saw there were roughly 15-17 applications on this new job post on the job bank. Will the organisation still be interviewing these candidates even after issuing me the offer letter and finishing my Background check?

I want to ask, what happens if the EP is rejected this time as well? Is there any alternative like a temporary work pass just so I can join them on the given joining date i.e. 21 Oct.

P.S: Sorry I may come across a lil anxious but that is for a good reason ( i have communicated to my current employer in India of my leaving)


nampujara wrote:

I also saw there were roughly 15-17 applications on this new job post on the job bank. Will the organisation still be interviewing these candidates even after issuing me the offer letter and finishing my Background check?

This scheme is intended to give locals hiring priority before foreigners.
The employer will thus have to seriously consider all applicants, interview them and, if any is as good or better than you, hire him/her instead of you.
There is no alternative to this and even if the applicants are all unsuitable (which the employer has to justify towards MoM), you will only get your EP (and can start work in Singapore) after the interviewing process is completed (plus about one month processing time for the EP). There is no alternative to this.

nampujara wrote:

P.S: Sorry I may come across a lil anxious but that is for a good reason ( i have communicated to my current employer in India of my leaving)

That was not a good idea!

Thanks for response Beppy! Appreciate your time.

The HR from this company actually told me to resign, thankfully, i told her i will wait for the EP only then i will write it to my management here in India. But then the HR actually sent me their portal password-details ( this company is a very reputed company, they are market leaders, - considering this I verbally communicated to my management of my leaving :( )

Coincidently the day I spoke to my current boss, the EP was rejected the same evening. I have been worried and following up with the HR and vendor to tell me what are they upto.

Is there any suggestion you have for the vendor and HR as to what documents can they send with the Application so as to make the case stronger.

I don't understand how a "vendor" (of what?) comes into the picture here.
Your Singapore employer will have to convince MoM that you are better than all local applicants in some respect that is vital to the job. Thus it helps if the published job description closely matches your niche skills (example: they require Arab language skills, and you but none of the local applicants speaks Arabic).

Hi Beppi,

Sorry I meant the Immigration vendor hired by my company.

I agree with the points you have stated. Perhaps I think it is better to wait and watch.

In your experience, the company (after extending the offer letter to the hired employee) usually waits and pushes the case with MOM right?

They can apply for my S pass as well as the EP (Salary offered was S$9K)?

What is an immigration vendor? (Sorry, it sounds like human traffickers that desperate refugees use - but those don't exist in Singapore.)
The Singapore employer applies for your work pass at MoM. There is unfortunately no way to push MoM, just wait.
At S$9k/month and (I assume) with a recognised (by MoM) university degree, you cannot get an S-Pass, only EP.
If I were you, I would prepare a Plan B in case the EP is rejected.

hello Beppi

Thanks for responding.

Immigration vendor- that the word the hiring company uses for the team that works to process the passes(EP & SP).

I received a call from the HR earlier today, she explained that the job posted on the job bank had a wide salary range which further led to my application rejection. 
She also said she has posted a new job on the Singapore job bank and will apply for a fresh EP after 14 days. She said there is another employee going through the same issue and they will be processing the EPs for both of us.

I wanted to ask if it was a salary range issue then they can go for an appeal as well right?

nampujara wrote:

Immigration vendor- that the word the hiring company uses for the team that works to process the passes(EP & SP).

This is commonly called a (visa processing) agent. If they are experienced, they should know how to do these things best.

The HR is new, just joined a year ago. And says has never seen any cases like this.

Hi Beppi,

Hope all is well at your end.

I wanted to ask about Cartus Consultancy. Is it a reputed and trusted consultancy. Not sure if you have any idea about them, but i just wanted to make sure the consultants are genuine.My employer has outsourced them the immigration piece of work.


I have never worked with any such agency and don't know this company or any other.
Only one comment: The employer, who engaged the consultancy, must (by law) cover all their fees. If they ask you (jobseeker) for any payment, they are illegal and probably won't get you the visa.

Cartus dint ask for any money from me.

They prepared my application along with DP applications. I was only asked to register immunization records with National Immunization department Singapore and pay 35$ SGD so they could apply for my daughter's DP.

Is university of Rajasthan recognised by MOM

Check in MoM website the list of institutions which are recognised by MoM. You also can see the list during SAT.

Hi Surya,

Yes I checked SAT tool, my university is recognized by MOM.

Also, I got approval from Health Promotion Board for my daughter. Looks like we can apply for her DP right after/together with my EP application.

I wanted to ask, what is a better option: DP to be applied together or after the EP is approved.


Can be applied after EP got approval. If you apply together also, DP case will be only considered once EP got approved. Anyway, DP approval takes two days to max a week unless there is an issue or mismatch between the report and declaration.

Hi Surya

Thank you for responding. You are very kind.

Also, is it a better option to appeal against the rejected EP or a fresh ep application?

Just to update, my EP was rejected on Aug 21 and the reason was wide salary range. So the HR has reposted the job on job bank and will be applying for my EP on Sept 11.

Both are not much difference, but they could have appealed after corrected the reason of your EP rejection. Anyway, wait for the result. It should be faster than earlier time duration. Good luck

Hi Surya,

So this mean the last EP application is visible to the MOM right?

ALL visa applications and your entire history of entering/exiting Singapore - everything is visible to MoM and other government agencies!

Thanks for responding Beppi.

The immigration consultant will be applying a fresh EP application (they posted the job with a new job ID and salary range was clearly defined this time).

I am hoping this time EP gets approved!

Hello Surya, Beppi,

The immigration consultant filed for a fresh EP today but the status still shows rejected on the portal which is the older status I think.

The consultant told me it shows pending at her end. Is it possible ?

nampujara: Try checking again tomorrow, we can't see the status immediately after employer/immigration consultant post new application, it may take a while (not more than a day) as per my experiences.

Now it shows pending:-)

Any change in the status now?
Your EP got approved? Please share your experience?

Still pending.

Hello Surya, Beppi,

I got my EP approved today. Thanks for all the help:-)

Here is overall time it took:

1st EP application: Aug 13
Rejected on : Aug 21 ( due to Salary range issue)

HR submitted new job ad for 14 days

New EP applied on : Sept 11
Approved : Sept 21

Is it now safe to resign from my current organisation?

Thanks !

Yes, you can now resign from your previous job.

Hi Beppi,Surya,

I was trying to check the validity of my EP on th MOM portal.

And the pass validity shows 'invalid' .. what does this mean if you can explain please?

This means that you do not have a valid work pass currently.
If you think that is incorrect, you better contact MoM IMMEDIATELY!

Hi Beppi,

I received the IPA (valid for six months) from the immigration consultant with all the details listed correctly. The letter also mentions that the EP is approved for 24 months. When I check the portal for validity, it says 'INVALID'

Not sure how to validate this.

I'll call MOM tomorrow to confirm anyway.

An IPA is not a valid work pass.
You need to pass the medical check (if required) and then have the actual EP issued by MoM.

Hi Beppi,

I checked with MOM, the EP status on portal (non login) shows invalid whereas when you login with sing pass ,it shows the validity of the pass.

I got the DP approved for my husband and daughter. I plan to fly out by end of November.

I would need your help/suggestions to find decent accommodation (HDB rent range 1700-2000sgd pm)  for a family of three(couple with an year old kid).  Considering I am the only earning member for now, I would like to manage household expenses within 8k SGD and save 1k. My office would be near Kent ridge Station. Any suggestions how to look up for houses without engaging brokers?

My husband is also an IT professional and has 14 years of experience in client service management, he will start looking for jobs once we settle in Singapore in about 3-4 months time. Is it easy to find part time /full time jobs on a DP?  Any suggestions on job search would really be appreciated.

Thanks Again.

Your help is really appreciated.

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