Looking to find an part-time job in Bangkok as a language tutor

Hi every1
Nice to meet you all

I'am Edwin from Indonesia and it has been 1 month since I moved here at Bangkok

Me and my wife and my 4yo son moved here because my wife studies here. She won a scholarship at Mahidol Univ.

Since ourson is still very young, I decided to leave my job in Indonedia and became a stay-at-home-dad for him, while his mother is busy with her univ.

I can speak bahasa Indonesia (native), english and french (certified DELF B1) and I'm looking for an opportunity as a language tutor for kids, because I'm good with kids (did I mention that I'm a stay-at-home-dad?) and I'm pretty good with my language skill...
And maybe any other opportunity, as long as it is a part time job...

My background is an electrical engineering and my last position was projecy-manager
But, I'm not looking for a job in this field, because it is to demanding and will defeat my purpose of moving here, that is to take care of my small kid...

So, thanks for reading and thanks for any info you might have for me


Hi Edwin,

Have you posted an advert in the Jobs in Bangkok section already ? You may detail your competencies so that potential employers may be able to view what you can offer.

All the best,

Your experience is impressive! I'm sure that you'll find a job soon. An online job or freelancing is also ideal. Perhaps it'll be a good idea if your wife asks for referrals as soon as you're all settled in well. Good luck.

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