Seeking advice on schools selection for my two kids

Dear All,
   I have been searching for available seats in community french primary schools in Brussels ( I know that we are so late for school searching but we couldn't help it because of time needed for visa processing and work permit process ) , we are currently in dubai , UAE .
I emailed schools in the following living areas :

1-    Woluwe-Saint-Pierre  ( one school replied with available seats called "Ecole du Chant d’Oiseau")
2-    Uccle or Ukkel   ( one school replied with available seats called "ecole Schuman Park ")
3-    Woluwe-Saint-Lambert  ( one school replied with available seats called "ecole de saint-job")

my kids don't know French at all , but they can speak English Fluently , we are living in Dubai and they only use English at school and normal daily life .
Which one of these schools do you recommend for my kids to join ? , they are going to grade 3 and grade 1  respectively .

Thank you so much in advance , I do appreciate your replies and help .


Like any parent, you are looking for the best for your children. But stop focusing on the "language barrier". You do not imagine the ability of children to learn a new language. In less than three months, they will speak better French than you even if you take adult language classes every day.

My 14 year old daughter speaks French-Portuguese-English and my 4 year old son speaks French-Portuguese ...

Schools, there are dozens with a good level. The three you have selected do not necessarily represent those in which your children will flourish best. Go visit them as well as others.

However, in Belgium we do not use your grade system. We refer to the age of the children. So how old are they?

Year up the list.

Where is work?

Sorry should have written year up list, you have the wrong locations for schools anyway.

Your approach is all wrong, start with work and home locations. Choose close to home.

And stop using email as principle communication method, phone is main method.

Thank you so much for your reply , my oldest is 8 years old and my younger kid is 6 years old .
my husband doesn't know his area of working yet , he will know that once he joins the company so wherever the project is he will go ( no fixed working place ) .

I used emails because I thought that may be calling won't be clear as I don't speak French .

why the locations are wrong ? I got all addresses from school websites , can you elaborate more please ? ,

The locations are wrong for some schools on your list.

Forget all schos in the list.

Start again with work location.

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