Language/Communication jobs

Hi everyone. I'm 23 years old, I'm just graduated from the university.
I have a degree in Comparative Literature and I also have
a certificate of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language in-progress.

I'm a native Turkish speaker and also speak English & Dutch.
I have experience in media sector. I hosted & directed shows,
wrote & translated scripts for Radio & TV.

I'm looking for a job that is related to languages or communication.
Sponsorship is required. The state doesn't matter.

Hi Mbebektr,

Welcome to Expat.Com  :)

Do you have an idea in which city or region you want to work in ? Or are you looking for a job anywhere in the US ?


Hi Bhavna,

Thanks for the welcome :)

My first priority is to have a proper job.
City/region can be discussed. I can adapt to the city if the conditions are bearable :D.
It would be good if the city is not too small and not too cold.

By the way, education jobs are welcome too.

Try your luck on Indeed : … jobs.html#

Do you have a LinkedIn account ? Networking and expanding your contacts will surely be beneficial to you.

You may also download the USA Guide to gather as much information possible and why not apply for the lottery : … entry.html

All the very best,

Thank you very much for your advice :) Best wishes to you...

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