New apartment woes

Hi Expat community,

1. I am supposed to move into a new apartment on August 31st, 2019. I gave notice for my current apartment, which my  current landlord is going to put on sale August 26th.

2. I was told by the 'new' landlord on Monday, August 19th that I had to pay the remainder of the deposit (58.000 plus) before moving in.

3. I went to the 'new' apartment on Tuesday, August 20th for an indflytningssynet after paying the above stated deposit. The 'new' landlord confirmed receiving the deposit via email on the morning of Tuesday, August 20th.

4. In showing me around the apartment, he started pointing out defects that were noted in the indflytningsrapport. This included defects like:
     (a) cracks in the roof (bedroom, dining room), some of which he claims he cannot fix because of the
     moulding design (bedroom) and some which he will send over a painter to fix (dining room)
     (b) 2 frosted kitchen windows, which he will also send someone to fix

4. However, there were other issues I spotted like:
    (a) an electric socket slightly hanging from the kitchen wall - I pointed this out, at first he was
    adamant that there was no issue with it, but then agreed to have it fixed
    (b) two window hooks falling from the bathroom window - claims he will have this fixed
    (c) one towel hook falling from the wall in the bathroom - initially saw no issue with it, then claims he
    will have it fixed
    (d) a large crack in the living room ceiling - he claims he will have this fixed
    (e) a mouldy storage room with lots of cobwebs, 'knick-knacks' hanging around on shelves, and two
     old pillons on which I am told I should store my things so they are not directly on the floor

5. He DID NOT give me the keys as he claims that he is unable to do so, as I have not paid the previous tenant 2.500 kr for the refrigerator in the apartment.
    (a) for starters, he failed to mention that I needed to pay for this as a condition to getting the key
    (b) under the rental contract, he is NOT responsible for any of the white goods (refrigerator, stove,
    oven, dishwasher) in the apartment
    (c) the previous tenant offered to sell me the fridge (and leave all the other things which she got from
    the previous tenant 4 years ago when she moved in and of no value and could not put a value on
    (d) the previous tenant claims to have bought the fridge 6 months ago for 5.000kr and wanted to sell
    it to me for 3.500. I politely declined, after asking for a receipt so I could be covered under the
    warranty period
    (e) she claims she will look for the receipt, reduced the price to 2.500. I said fine, but I would also like
    the receipt in the event something happens under the warranty period. To this day, she has not
    provided me with the receipt or gave me her bank details to which I am to send the money.

6. My bone of contentions lies in the fact that he
    (1) claims he is not going to clean/remove the 'trash' out of the basement storage space. Tells me that I could have it cleaned before I move in and then I would have to clean it when I move out. I said that scenario is fine with me, to which he claims he is not going to clean it and there is no further discussion on the matter.

(2) he is not going to have the defects in the apartment fixed before I move in (I am more concerned about the electrical socket, and the bathroom window hooks) as it will be too expensive for him to have someone come and fix the issues now and then maybe fix other defects, which I may notice during the 14 day period.

What can I do? Or is there anything I can do?


Too late to say that you should have said No thank you to this flat.

The standard of the housing, the landlord himself, the fact that you didn't get the keys, that's all quite alarming.

Could you withdraw your payment? Try, immediately, today.

And then seek for professional advice, e.g. here:

Do also take a look at my former answers regarding accommodation. If you scroll down on the forum site, you'll see a list of All catergories. Look under Accommodation.


Thanks Nellie. I am going to go by the Legal Aid office today to see what they can advise with regards to the apartment and/or my deposit and first month’s rent, which have all being paid already.

I will also look at your other posts to see if I can get some further insight before my meeting this evening.


Good luck

Do share your answers with the forum.

Will do😊

Cph - so what happened since then? Can you please tell us?
I hope you managed to resolve a seeminly very ackward and unteable situation with another rogue landlord.

Sorry about the delay. I am still battling but managed to get most of the things fixed. Just recently found out that all but one of my radiators work. I have 5 and the bathroom heated floor. I had to complain, get the caretaker to try and help before the landlord stepped in and had someone come by today to resolve it. I foresee lots of battles ahead.

I would recommend Copnhagen Legal Aid for advice on contracts and steps moving forward. I was also advised by a colleague to try an organization that monitors rent issues and report on horrid landlords. You need to be a member.

On my own, I had to formulate many emails to the landlord, seek help from the caretaker and send pictures to show that they things he is advising me to do not we’re not possible before he took action.

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