How to know who applied for my EP

Hi all,
I am Po and last year I moved to Singapore . My EP was expiring next month my company called me for my consent to apply for EP renewal and I told them to go ahead with renewal. But after sometime i got the call from my employer that my EP is  already in process so they cant apply for renewal until the its withdrawn from renewal. But the main point is I didn't get any call or any offer letter for EP application from any company even i did not had any interview for any company. So please suggest something as I dont know what to do.

Call MoM and find out what happened there. Did you check EPonline and check the status?

Possibly some miss communication here. Good luck

I checked on EPonline and it's showing status as pending . Don't know who applied for my ep

Immediately contact MoM and explain the situation. It must be a mix-up or misunderstanding!

Sorry for jumping into this discussion.
Same story with me. I checked the status and it's approved now, most likely is my current employer because my EP will be expired in the next few months. But whoever it is, they did it without my consent.

Is it possible to renew EP without any consent from the employee? If it is not, anything we can do about it?

In general, HR writes a mail at the time of your EP renewal. They don’t need any consent from you. As you are currently working with the company, it’s their responsibility 2months or so prior to the expiry date, they should initiate the renewal process. If they didn’t, you can politely ask if HR has already done the renewal process. Good luck

If the current employer does not need any consent (in my case the HR doesnt even send any email), then I see a problem here.

The current employer can process the renewal even 6 months before the expiration date. Once it is approved they will hold the IPA, and any new EP application for the employee wont be able to be processed unless the current employer cancel the IPA, and this is like telling the current employer “hey, I want to resign, can you cancel my IPA?”.

There should be at least a consent from the employee.

Saying “There should be ...” on an Internet forum like this one will not change MoM’s procedures. They serve MoM’s purposes well and are likely to remain the same.
The (intended by MoM) message of this is: Changing jobs is a risk, so don’t!

Ok, thank you for the reply.

So my option now is to ask my current employer to issue the IPA? Only then I can have another EP processed?

Thank you.

No IPA is necessary (and thus none will be issued) at work pass renewal.
Your employer can only cancel the application or wait for the outcome (approval or rejection).
And only after that another employer can apply.

I contacted MoM regarding the issue and they said that they are facing some system issue due to which status is showing different . My current employer applied for my renewal and it took 10 days for approval.

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