S Pass is rejected

I'm 19 years old, female, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I applied for Associate Software Engineer position.
I studied a Diploma from a private academy in Singapore and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Cyber Forensics from Murdoch University which is cooperating with the private academy to enable studying the course in Singapore. The course was 24 months with no internship programs. The salary offered by the company was 2600 SGD.
After 12 days, the company sent me the rejection letter from MOM and say they will not appeal for me since it is unlikely that the result will change.
The reason was this :
This candidate does not meet the qualifying criteria (which includes salary, qualifications, and experience) for S Pass. In line with rising local wages, the criteria for S Pass have been tightened...
I would like to know if it is possible to contact MOM directly and ask them to tell me the reason in a very literal/direct way, e.g. if the salary is too high or too low, or because I don't have any experience.
Also, please advise me if it is going to be futile looking for other company to apply for me. 
Thank you very much

edit : the university results transcript i sent out was missing 2 subject scores, which I completed by the last exam on 7th august. there was also a verification letter signed by my programme manager saying that im enrolled in the course, but the expected graduation date he put in 2020, although I have completed all my courses in august.

update : just called MOM and they say the company must call MOM to find out the reason, not me. and i dont want to bother the company anymore since they already say they dont want to appeal for me... sigh

The market rate (and therefore minimum salarary for getting a work pass) for a fresh university graduate is around S$3600/month. You were much below that. Try to find an employer that pays you a reasonable wage!

I seriously hope that is the reason, and not because of my age or 0 experience. This is part of my fault because I wrote expected salary as 2500 SGD. Thanks for your reply

Getting a work pass with no related experience is a challenge, because the employer has to justify hiring you instead of a local, which is difficult without any special skills.

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