The "new" Mongamma experience

I am sharing.

First, it is NOT the old  police academy. It's actually anew building  NEXT to the old police academy.

Second. parking does not exist. It is off a one way street.

Three. Entrance and exits are separate.  That's good crowd control.

Four.  NO ONE speaks anything but Arabic.  I find it appalling because they deal with FOREIGNERS who don't always speak me.  Even taking someone with you isn't always a help.

Five.  They have great ac and seating..actual chairs.   Windows clearly marked.  Intercome system clearly giving the number in UK English and Arabic.

Six. No one at the windows speak English. 

Seven. Opens at 8. Get there early and you may get all completed.

Eight.  Copy services outside, photos inside.

Nine.  Go to floor 3 for the necessary form.  Fill it out.go to second floor, get call number from window 17.  Sit and wait. Window 12 will assist....if she isn't yelling at everyone.

Ten.  Yes things are new but slower than Mongamma.

My case, I have to return tomorrow 8am. I had all I needed but the nice police person didn't read.  Not until I pointed out the Flat Contract is in both Arabic and English.   I also pointed out my receipts for my EGYPTIAN bank account AND card.

He is making an exception.🤨😑

I didn't need to go back but in my most American way, I made myself understood that I complied with everything.   

So bottomline.  DESPITE the manual labor that was the norm at Mongamma....I miss it.  People were way more polite.  This new place needs to grow.

thank you thank god I do not have to go there any more I go to 15 of May never crowed very nice and polite seats A/C done in one day if go early

thank you for all the information

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