Travelling while pending EP


I got approved for EP and my starting date would be 2nd of September. But due to an unavoidable reason I need to be back in my home country on 5th of September and be back in Singapore on 6th or 7th. As I know to get the physical EP card it may take one week. When I re-enter Singapore on 6th in the case where I did not get the EP card what should I tell for ICA? Should I get a tourist visa since I have already used IPA?


You can  still use the IPA, no issues with that

If you enter Singapore with the IPA and leave without having the EP issued, the EP is gone.
Therefore you should only use the IPA when you are sure to have the EP issued and start work. For all other trips get a tourist visa!

Sorry for my erroneous answer. I am a bit surprised though, as I can remember I went in and out  SG while holding my IPA. I was possibly issued a tourist visa without realising.

What do you mean my EP is gone? After traveling the first time I will go to MOM and do all the procedures that are required to be done in order to get the EP. So does that not mean I should provide IPA in the first time I visit? … -pass-card

Found this on MOM site.

Thanks for the link. That explains it very well!

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