Employment Pass rejected, seeking advice!

Hello, I've recently been applied an S Pass by my employer, it was rejected with the statement only saying “candidate is not eligible for workpass”. My employer is looking for an appeal as we speak, and I'd like advice on two things :
- How would my employer be able to defend for the appeal? would a strong argument suffice? or would MOM be so kind open to discussion and advice on what would be a better option if they were to hire me because I believe there was a mismatch on my end, in that I am offered a role for a lower rank than the one I currently have, and the salary for it is below the average I should be receiving.

- If I were to apply to another company in SG, would it be best to let them know if I had recently had a pass rejection? would the pass request I am currently on now have to be deleted/reset(hope you get what i mean) and in the bigger picture,

-would a rejection totally hinder my chances to ever work in Singapore?

Start spending sometime to go through the open threads. The same situation was discussed few days before only. See the link:


Good luck


thanks a lot for your help and replyand sorry if these seem annoying to you that we come to forums lookingfor help and questions and that youve provided such a great platform here because you'd like to help others with your own experience and expertise.

So judging from thread you gave it would be wise to just give up on SG altogether and move on? Just a simple yes/no would help a bunch and thanks a lot for your time!

I said in that thread to ask your employer to check with MoM that what does it mean that the employee is not eligible to apply work pass here. If it’s indeed related to the province of Indonesia where they are not suppose to get work pass here then you may try elsewhere. Good luck

- For a successful appeal, your employer must address the rejection reason. For that, of course, it helps to know that reason. The employer should contact MoM!
- MoM is not "open for discussions" or negotiations and a decision about the appeal would be final.
- You don't need to tell another potential employer about past rejections. (But of course if the same reasons are still present, it will be rejected again.)
- You can only have one ongoing (under process) work pass application at any one time.

Thanks a lot for your advice Beppi! It helped things a bit more clearer, the reason why I would want to tell a potential employer of the rejection is if in case they check the records and they saw a rejection they may see it as something dishonest and I wouldnt want them to think I'm a liar coming in.

So a rejection status on EP portal would mean that the current S Pass would count as not in process anymore and a new work pass application would be able to be made?

The employer won’t see past rejections, I believe.
If the previous application is either approved or finally rejected (no appeal ongoing), a new application can be submitted.

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