HVAC jobs in Czech Republic?

Hey there! The thought of living in CZ has come to mind more than once and I am just exploring my options. I work in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry as an oil burner tech and I am working on my plumbing license. I also have a CDL so I can drive just about anything on the road. What is the HVAC industry like in the Czech Republic? What are the certs needed to work in the field? Is there a place to look for positions or do I just show up and get down to business? Do I need to learn Czech?

I have the ability to live and work anywhere in the EU but I like CZ the best. Italy would be cool but I am not super down with the extremely high tax rates.

Man, not a thing, eh?

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Try a Google search. I did a quick look by typing 'HVAC jobs Czech Republic' into my search engine and found websites you should check out.

Adding to what Stumpy has said It a holiday period now, so the forums tend to be quite, also your trade is more so specialized so you might not get an answer so I refer you to what Stumper  says, Google is your friend.

I hope that helps

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Well, I did that before posting and I have not found nything super definitive, which is why I posted here. This is leading me to believe that a local language search is necessary OR simply showing up and asking around (like it is here in the USA) is the modus operandi.

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