CRNM card with Policia Federal

Just for information to those waiting for their CRNM card to arrive.

I went to the Policia Federal today at SDU airport to pickup my card after 100 + days of waiting and the Officer said it now takes 5 - 6 months and not 90 days as before from the day you register for the CRNM cards to be delivered from Brasilia for pickup.

They will start informing people of this new timeline for waiting.

The past time frame did not seem to match either. It too k 5 months for me, but protocol worked for travel (except going back and forth to AR, but just needed passport.

And mine came in a month.
On the other hand, I found out this morning that the application for naturalization that I filed in March apparently disappeared somewhere between here and Brasília, so I'll be going to the Polícia Federal bright and early Monday morning to find out what THAT is all about.
Brazilian bureaucracy -- a sense of humor can be helpful in navigating it, but it's a MUST if you want to keep your sanity.  :idontagree:

Really did you get your CRNM card in a month ? I also applied sir on 30 August 19. When can I get my RNM card ?

Yes, mine came in a month.  The average seems to be 2-3 months.  As Texbrazil said in the other thread, it's all a matter of backlogs, at your local PM office, and in Brasília.

Did police federal visit your house while processing your CRNM?

Not anymore.

They did pre 2017. But as said do not think they visit home now.

I followed the status of my CRNM (emissão)
Because it was kept at "Remitido"

And my protocolo expired (after 6 months)... So I went not knowing the card was ready (my reason for going was to renew the Paper Protocolo). But upon arriving I found out the damn card was ready and was SITTING there for 3 months...........

It was processed middle of March and arrived in beggining of JUNE 2019

I was not impressed to say the least.....

So the timing is way way way off...
And as Abthree said... 2-3months is average.

I shoulda just went to the station when the "Remitido" (getting ready to be shipped) status came on.

So should i wait for police federal mail or should i go to police federal to check my RNM card?
Which is best?

They told me I would get an email confirmation.
But that would have taken 2 years (really...)

If you get  "Deferido" it will most likely be done. And you're getting it real soon. (That is when I would wait some weeks and maximum 1 month for it to be shipped to PF)

So if your status changes to remitido (finalized+getting ready to be shipped)

And you're past 3 months. I suggest checking in if it's there for you to retrieve.

Mine was done after 2 1/2 months or so.

But again... they had it sitting therr for 3 months (or more) without changing the status.

Edit: you can check the status here/check your pm. … e-processo

Deferido-it's successful in evalutation/process.

Carteira enviada means it's done and all finalized getting ready for shipping.

Remitido means it's past finalization and shipped to PF (ready to be picked up).

nv91 :

Carteira enviada means it's done and all finalized getting ready for shipping.


NV91, i am asking you. Are you sure that
Carteira enviada means its done? And how are you sure about that?


I just picked my card last week.
Carteira enviada means its done and being shipped.
Remetido - Means it has been shipped.

I went to the PF the first day it showed Remetido and the worker told me to give 20 Days for shipping after the notification changes to REMETIDO.

Badol... I explained this to you weeks ago on PM.

Shayf2001 is correct and the information I gave to you is correct. I told you on PM that if it changes to should wait 2-3 weeks. PF should receive it by then.

I have been waiting 6 months for mine to arrive, I have just checked the status online and it says REMETIDO. I plan to go on Monday to pick it up, fingers crossed it is there.

Good luck!

update on my situ...

Thank you [at]robal i went today to check and my RNE was there!


Muito bem! Bem vindo ao nosso mundo problemão!

Way to go Doc.

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